Easy Referrals

Can referrals benefit me?

Referrals are a powerful tool for practices to generate new customers and to increase profitability. Easy Referrals is a complete system that will allow your practice to benefit in many ways!

Online & Secure

Easy Dental Referral is a collaborative web application system that allows clinicians to process patient referrals over the web electronically in a secure way. System is maintained with highest level of security. Referring dentist can also upload patient X rays, pictures and notes, through a secure communication layer.

Increase profits, get more referrals

Secure and agile, our electronic system means easier and faster referrals. All referrers prefer an easy system with less hassle. Become the clinic of choice for fast, easy referrals!

Save money, get home earlier

Our system means faster bookings and protection against lost or delayed referrals. Increase customer satisfaction with shorter waiting times and faster treatment.

Increase customer satisfaction

Electronic file referrals mean less paperwork, fewer errors, reduced storage requirements and less wasted time. Get back to what you were meant to do!